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The integration

Welcome to the DK99.SHOP Integration Page. This page provides you with comprehensive information on integrating our Email and SMS marketing services into your platform. Please follow the guidelines below to seamlessly integrate DK99.SHOP into your system.

1. API Documentation:

Refer to our detailed API documentation available to understand the technical specifications and requirements for integrating DK99.SHOP into your website or application.

2. API Key:

To access DK99.SHOP services programmatically, you need to generate an API key. This key is crucial for authentication purposes. You can generate your API key by logging into your DK99.SHOP account and navigating to the “API Settings” section.

3. Endpoints:

All API requests should be directed to the relevant endpoints as specified in the documentation. Ensure that you use the correct endpoint for each operation to ensure the proper functioning of the integration.

4. Authentication:

Include your API key in the header of each API request for proper authentication. Failing to provide a valid API key will result in failed requests. Keep your API key secure and do not share it publicly.

5. Webhooks:

DK99.SHOP supports webhooks for real-time notifications. Set up webhooks to receive instant updates on events such as email/SMS delivery, bounces, opens, and clicks. Refer to the documentation for webhook implementation details.

6. Testing:

Before deploying the integration into a live environment, thoroughly test your integration in our sandbox or testing environment. This ensures that your application interacts correctly with DK99.SHOP services and prevents potential issues in a production environment.

7. Error Handling:

Implement robust error handling mechanisms to manage API errors gracefully. Our API returns standard HTTP status codes and detailed error messages, allowing you to troubleshoot and resolve issues effectively.

8. Compliance:

Ensure that your integration complies with DK99.SHOP’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and any relevant laws and regulations governing email and SMS marketing.

9. Support:

If you encounter any challenges during the integration process or have specific queries, our support team is available to assist you. Contact our support team at support@dk99.shop

10. Updates:

Stay informed about any updates or changes to our API by regularly checking our developer documentation. We may release new features or improvements, and keeping your integration up-to-date ensures optimal performance.

Thank you for choosing DK99.SHOP for your Email and SMS marketing needs. We look forward to a successful integration.

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